Staff Picks

As a community bookstore, Lido Village Books strives to provide our customers with not only a wide selection of books, but also knowledgeable information about our books.

You are welcome to browse our shelves or look for our “We recommend” cards placed beneath certain books by our experienced staff. These cards contain brief commentary about books we’ve read and loved. Hopefully, you’ll love them, too!

This page spotlights only a few of these Staff Picks:


WE RECOMMEND: The Unchangeable Spots of Leopards
An endearing and original debut novel by Kristopher Jansma!
A reminder that love, ambition, and life is often out of our control, and that reality can often get blurred . . . even if we’re writing it all down.


WE RECOMMEND: The Paris Wife
In this absorbing biography, Paula McClain focuses on the struggle of Hadley Richardson Hemingway to find her own voice against the dazzling ones of her famous husband and the city of light.
— Linda


WE RECOMMEND: A Hologram for the King
Fascinating and darkly comic, Dave Eggers presents us with a protagonist who could be any American trying to survive in this post-modern world. His best work to date!
— Dan


WE RECOMMEND: Where’d You Go, Bernadette?
Filled with wit, humor, and heart, this story by Maria Semple tells of a Seattle family trying to live where the mother hates everyone, the father is a hard-working genius, and their daughter wants to go to Antarctica.
— Katie


WE RECOMMEND: Unfamiliar Fishes
Sarah Vowell – as usual, outrageous and wise-cracking – gives us an educational but never dry look at the history of the United States’ most unusual state and its unanticipated twists of the familiar story of Americanization. A wonderful read!
— Dan